Maintenance Services

Lift Servicing

The servicing and maintenance of all lifts should be undertaken on a regular basis in order to ensure all parts and mechanisms are operating correctly. Ensuring your lift systems are serviced regularly will undoubtedly reduce the amount of down time, whilst also reducing the likelihood of them requiring major repair works in the future, therefore also reducing the lift’s running costs.

Airedale Lift Services can offer service routines on all types of lifts, with all lifts servicing being undertaken by fully trained engineers.

Airedale Lift Services will ensure that your lifts are kept in excellent working condition, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdown and ensuring that the lifts meet all health and safety requirements. All this will help you avoid the serious consequences of a lift being out of action during a busy working day.

For contracted clients, Airedale Lift Services provide engineer support & breakdown cover, in order to help get your lift back into service in a timely manner. On any machines for which we have a maintenance agreement, we will endeavour to carry out any minor repairs during our routine maintenance visits. This reduces the “down time” of the machines and therefore the cost and inconvenience to our customers.